Varagon Capital



Varagon delivers a complete set of financing solutions to Energy borrowers in North America. Innovation continues to drive change in Energy and reliable lender relationships will be critical for companies to meet the significant capital requirements associated with the evolution of the industry. Varagon provides a flexible source of capital for the Energy supply chain and direct funding for critical infrastructure projects.

Industries of Focus

Varagon focuses on both leveraged lending and project finance in the Energy sector. Varagon has extensive institutional experience in leveraged finance and the Energy team has a track record of financing both greenfield and operating infrastructure projects. Below are examples of industries where Varagon is specifically focused.

Project Finance

  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure
    • Transportation
    • Distribution
    • Processing
    • Storage
  • Power Infrastructure
    • Conventional Generation
    • Renewable Generation
    • Transmission
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas to Liquids
Leveraged Finance

  • Energy Services & Suppliers
    • Oil Field Services
    • Facility Maintenance
    • Equipment Suppliers
    • Specialized Manufacturers
    • Information Technology